An Edgar Allan Poe Parody by Metari

A paladin in a black gladiator's uniform, wielding a glowing sword and shield.

I queue up for the raid now! 
And, in playing for you, vow
My enmity I do sow —
You are not wrong, my force,
My games ‘til now have been quite coarse;
Our main tank has gone afk
In my plight, ah, yet I stray,
With my stance, or without one,
My lack of provoke is no less wrong
The only time we use our blade
Is but a raid within a raid.

I stand amid the hell
Cast a divine-aspected spell,
And I hold within my sword
Fragments of the Heavens’ Ward —
A coup! yet how I leap
Through my foes upon the heap,
My sword glows — my sword glows!
O Halone! Can I not denounce
Them with a sudden pounce?
O Halone! can I not save even
One from the relentless cleaves?
Is the only time we use our blade
But a raid within a raid?