The First Letter

Cross-posted to my Ao3 account.For my dearest parents, I suppose. It has been a long while since this subject has been broached between us and I must stand back no longer for things need to change. I am uncertain what you have become aware of nor what you may have inferred, given my recent behaviour…


The first maskWas to be what everyone wanted of me.Smart. Cute. Happy. Docile. Obedient. Everything a good child should be.But I was just an actor in a role I never signed up to play.A pawn with no life of his own. A blank slate for those who dreamed of days long past. The mask shifted as…

Clemency of the Self

It’s a weird feeling when you’ve pulled out the final stick from who you claimed to be and the structure fell upon you. And you’re there, standing in the ruins, alone.

Can We Do This Again?

He smiled as he tucked the peony behind my ear. I couldn’t contain my blush as I felt his skin connect with mine. A deep sigh escaped me as I grabbed his hand as he slowly dropped it, interlacing our fingers.  He placed his forehead against mine and I felt the world stop turning -…


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Hi, I’m Lillie. Previously a magazine editor, I became a full-time mother and freelance writer in 2017. I spend most of my time with my kids and husband over at The Brown Bear Family but this blog is for my love of food and sharing my favorites with you!

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