About the Author

Metari is a late 20s trans man who has far too many projects on his hands for the amount of time he has. With many interests, writings of many styles will be found here to offer as a portfolio of sorts.

Metari has obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting and Finance, as well as a Post-Degree Diploma in Business Studies with a focus in Marketing from a local university. He wishes to use these skills to foster a blog where he can discuss issues he sees in his hobbies and beyond.

Metari plays video games from a large library of 800+ and is currently trying to whittle his way down the list of games to be played. At present, he cannot break free of the vice grip Final Fantasy XIV and Valorant has on him. However, this passion for games is not limited to the digital variety. He has an interest in board games, card games, and tabletop RPGs.
In addition to this, he is fond of creating things. Examples include chainmaille, resin work, and pyrography. Currently, he is learning how to draw and do more traditional art to better facilitate woodburning and resin inserts.

Why “Metari”?
It sounds cool. Meh-tahr-ee is how you’d pronounce it.