An Edgar Allan Poe Parody by Metari

A paladin in a black gladiator's uniform, wielding a glowing sword and shield.

I queue up for the raid now! 
And, in playing for you, vow
My enmity I do sow —
You are not wrong, my force,
My games ‘til now have been quite coarse;
Our main tank has gone afk
In my plight, ah, yet I stray,
With my stance, or without one,
My lack of provoke is no less wrong
The only time we use our blade
Is but a raid within a raid.

I stand amid the hell
Cast a divine-aspected spell,
And I hold within my sword
Fragments of the Heavens’ Ward —
A coup! yet how I leap
Through my foes upon the heap,
My sword glows — my sword glows!
O Halone! Can I not denounce
Them with a sudden pounce?
O Halone! can I not save even
One from the relentless cleaves?
Is the only time we use our blade
But a raid within a raid?

To New Beginnings

I’m trying to determine what would be the best for this blog. I’m leaning towards my thoughts on video games, board games, card games, and ttrpgs, while trying to throw in splashes of marketing, psychology, and how these topics relate to those aforementioned. DIYs relating to these subjects may also be covered.

I will be covering a wide variety on each subject, and I will also probably be doing reviews of games that I play, starting with some I’ve already played.

If there’s any game you’d like to see featured here, especially if it is your own game, please let me know, and I will definitely make the time to do so.

I intend to start up next week, I just want to make sure everything I need to is done first!

Enjoy your day.